learning and teaching strategy

The University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy sets out University-wide priorities for the enhancement of teaching and learning. It includes an action plan which will enable it to build on strengths and address weaknesses.

The General Board has overall responsibility for oversight of the strategy. Working through its Education Committee it will ensure that bodies are informed of their responsibilities as appropriate, and that those carrying out projects are supported in doing so. It will ensure that the student voice is heard in the delivery of the objects of the strategy, encouraging collaboration with Cambridge University Students’ Union, the Graduate Union and other appropriate student groups. It will inform the University of progress towards the objectives of the strategy.

Key indicators against which the Strategy will be evaluated are:

  • Whether the student experience remains excellent. Evidence for this will include student feedback, External Examiners’ reports, PSRB reports, and external quality audit exercises.
  • Whether teaching is recognised and rewarded. Evidence for this will include internal staff surveys.

The current Strategy was drawn up in consultation with faculties, departments, Colleges and other key players in the University. A key feature of the objectives in the Strategy is to provide an evidence base for developments in learning and teaching in the University. This will inform future iterations of the Strategy.

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